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Buried down deep in the pit of my soul
Coming to terms with the One I don’t know
Reaching for a gun to atone for my pain
Praying to the savior who forgot my name
Staring at the name on my father’s grave
Tombstones are headed for the home of the brave
Eat the poison apple for a place in heaven
Spit out the seeds for hell’s redemption

Can’t let go of a broken past
Can’t let go cause I’m dying too fast
I’ll let you know when I’m alive
Hold my hand and we’ll take the dive on down

Mother says “son you gonna lose your mind”
Told her “Mama it’s already in line,
You don’t want me livin too hard?
I ain’t gonna let you tell me how far”
Every word I said done fell on deaf ears
Everybody else is gonna shed them tears
Listen to my words cause I won’t last long
See I sold my soul just to sing this song


Standing in the shadow of god’s only son
Running from the angels cause the devil’s won
Afraid of what’s to come so I shut my eyes
He’s gathered up his army under black and blue skies
Hold my hand baby I can feel it coming
Flowers are blooming but the pedals have fallen
Don’t worry baby I won’t let them getcha
The devil’s on our side and he’s itching to drag us on down

No need to run cause they’re coming to fast
Ain’t no need to cry over broken glass
I love you baby now we can die
A peaceful ending and a chance to say goodbye


from Petrichor, released December 8, 2016
All songs written and performed by Spirit Ditch.



all rights reserved


Spirit Ditch

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