by Spirit Ditch

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released December 8, 2016

All songs written and performed by Spirit Ditch.

Produced by Karl Fite and Spirit Ditch.

Recorded by Karl Fite and Spirit Ditch at The Red Room between February 22-26th, 2016.

Joseph LaCroix - guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion
Christopher Johnson - guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion
Karl Fite - keyboards, background vocals, percussion

Art and design by Max Geiger at Floor 22.

© 2016 Soul Twitch Music



all rights reserved


Spirit Ditch

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Track Name: Buried
Buried down deep in the pit of my soul
Coming to terms with the One I don’t know
Reaching for a gun to atone for my pain
Praying to the savior who forgot my name
Staring at the name on my father’s grave
Tombstones are headed for the home of the brave
Eat the poison apple for a place in heaven
Spit out the seeds for hell’s redemption

Can’t let go of a broken past
Can’t let go cause I’m dying too fast
I’ll let you know when I’m alive
Hold my hand and we’ll take the dive on down

Mother says “son you gonna lose your mind”
Told her “Mama it’s already in line,
You don’t want me livin too hard?
I ain’t gonna let you tell me how far”
Every word I said done fell on deaf ears
Everybody else is gonna shed them tears
Listen to my words cause I won’t last long
See I sold my soul just to sing this song


Standing in the shadow of god’s only son
Running from the angels cause the devil’s won
Afraid of what’s to come so I shut my eyes
He’s gathered up his army under black and blue skies
Hold my hand baby I can feel it coming
Flowers are blooming but the pedals have fallen
Don’t worry baby I won’t let them getcha
The devil’s on our side and he’s itching to drag us on down

No need to run cause they’re coming to fast
Ain’t no need to cry over broken glass
I love you baby now we can die
A peaceful ending and a chance to say goodbye
Track Name: A Tiny Death
Gold we find within sold for all of our sins
Born with calloused hands fear for every man
Fade the light will fade night consumes the day
Stone a heart of stone burn the witches home

Save a flame for me and place it at my feet
Wind will rise again and stoke a fiery end
Smoke will choke your breath to die a tiny death
Bring you to your knees and dream your final dream

Rise above the ash finally free at last
Sea will cover land waves above the sand
Wings of freedom fly slashing endless sky
Tears we never cried flood the fear we hide
Track Name: Pestilence and Pride
Picking up the pieces of my broken heart
Trying to find the reason that we fell apart
A story I won’t tell put that book back on the shelf

Gloriously feeding on my wretched guilt
Ominously feeling I’ve broken all I’ve built
A chance to make things right
A glance you give at night

Shadows on the ceiling I’m dancing with the light
Crowded in my thinking ain’t no room to fight
The poor old man is blind
His future left behind

Put it on for glory take it all for shame
Dirty up the bedsheets rub me for no gain
Pestilence and pride
Decadence derived

Sell myself to you
Red runs into blue
Waste the day and I give it all to you
Track Name: When the Raven Flies
She runs with a pack of wolves from a golden time
When hearts were hard and souls were blind
She knows when the sun goes down and the tide is high
She will lose her head when the raven flies
She sings to the moon at night in a long black dress
Songs of pain songs of jest
She waits for the man in grey the ocean’s slave
To lift her heart and find his way home

He lives for the salt and wood and the sea’s discord
With a tainted heart and a broken soul
He knows when the sun comes up and the wind is right
He will forge ahead until the raven flies
He sings to the moon at night with a great despair
To his lonely bride with long brown hair
He longs for a love he knows from a golden time
When his heart beat hard and his eyes shone bright
Track Name: Banter (Ghost)
Well it cost a pretty dime just to hold it in your hands
The way it made you feel from a distant land
Put it down now it won’t last long

They will sew up your pockets just tell them that you’re cold
You always close your eyes when my story’s told
Let’s murder that old time hymn

Falling out the door pushing me a breeze I can’t ignore
I hear what folks are saying carrying a blame they won’t betray
I don’t recall my name

Backs against the wall bloody knuckles voices in the hall
A chance to ease the pain everyone who hides behind the shame
I won’t forget your face

I’m always December but still a trick or treat
I know I’ll remember all the blood you can’t see
Cracks where the light gets in

Glass heart in a box never knew a blind man who could talk
Save that dance for me tell me I’m the man you want to be
I’m still down on my knees

I fall to the ground
Force me to the ground
With snow on my nose
Let me paint the town
Doors that open
In my softer words
And doors that keep score
The meanings that you heard
I think I’m still unsure
Track Name: The Wrong Side
I only meant to hold your hand down by the meadow
But I was too old to see
That the roses in your hair meant more than I expected
They hung around to watch me bleed

This is the wrong side of the line I’m standing on
This isn’t where I thought I’d be
An old guest in a new house I wandered through by chance
This isn’t where I thought you’d be

The way I cut makes me feel like I’m the killer
Lost inside of your bad dream
I never meant to leave the lock off of the kennel
I am not myself today

Another chance to prove these tools I use are never broken
Another chance to prove I’m never wrong
A better way to face the day is two eyes always open
Another chance to sing another song
Track Name: Take Me Back
I was never alone because I pleaded
I was never so bold without a reason
I can tell you friend I’ll never give you what you want
Now I’ll never know

Take me back to when I believed in miracles
Lost on a highway that will never end
I don’t need the love of any other
Take me back to when I believed in miracles

Every eye in the storm could see you leaving
Frighten more of your own until you mean it
n that lonely air wherever we have lost a note
Fear is only fear
Fear is only fear

Should I see new sun rise on me again
To give me rhyme and give you reason and time a season
I will choose to leave this lie behind me

You are never alone because I need you
In the letter I wrote I said I believe you
In the time it takes to make this all sound insincere
We could write a song
We could right a wrong
Track Name: Petrichor
The weight upon your shoulders and the fear in every man’s heart
I have seen the strongest men broken and the nearest become so far In the light we are the darkness with a steel will we trudge on Undeterred by snakes in these grasses along a road we travel beyond Don’t believe the treacherous preacher of a god who can’t be alone He will smite the guilt of your troubles and he’ll feed on the sinewy bone
I have left many words unspoken I have crippled the wings of his dove I won’t change the name of my father until he knows the reason he’s gone
When the sun sets on my eyes and the moon has carried me home The tides will shift in my favor and the seas will swallow me whole

Drift behind malcontent souls in line
Don’t grin in their face don’t show them your grace
A slight of hand the most possessive man
A tool for the lost my faith at no cost
The myth of men and their salvation of sin
The scatter of runes and the death of a truth
A touch so soft from that old pain we fought
A guest in my mind uninvited by time
I say to you friend don’t forget where we’ve been
The light and the dark our journey is marke